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WooCommerce In-Store Pricing

Unique Pricing for Your Physical Location
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Unique Prices for Unique Situations

Selling your products at your retail location and online at the same time can get complicated. Brick and mortar stores are great for getting real foot traffic, but real estate is expensive. Selling online often has less overhead, but it can be difficult to get your customers to pay for shipping and handling without some sort of extra incentive.

Discount codes are a hassle to maintain, and creating unique SKUs for the same product just to offer cheaper online versions is a customer experience nightmare.

The WooCommerce In-Store Pricing extension allows you to quickly and easily configure unique prices for your products based on whether they’re picked up in-store or shipped to them via an online purchase. After a simple one-step price change, your customers will see both the in-store and online prices, giving them the freedom to choose the most convenient method for themselves, and allowing you to reap the benefits of both approaches. The price changes all occur automatically, so it’s a hassle-free way for your customers to get the product they want at a great price.

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Simple One-Step Setup
With the In-Store Extension, adding a unique in-store price is a simple, one-step process. Just edit the product and enter the price.
Completely Automatic
All of the price adjustments happen automatically based on the delivery method your customer chooses. Shipped items get the online price, local pickup gets the in-store price.
Total Theme Integration
The price display is completely integrated with the WooCommerce UI, which means it'll fit perfectly with your existing theme without any extra work for you.

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Easy to Use

All it takes to add an in-store price to your product is one field. Simply provide the in-store price and the data will display on your product automatically.

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Total Theme Integration

WooCommerce In-Store Pricing uses the WooCommerce UI, so it seamlessly blends in with your current theme without any further modification on your part.

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